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Can you tell I’m in my inner Summer? Ovulation is near & the sun streaming into my room inspired a selfie photoshoot to celebrate myself…because why not? It’s important to have those moments of appreciation (in whatever way feels right to you - doesn’t have to be a photoshoot).

During our inner Summer phase we may become more of an exhibitionist, say yes to everything, feel more desirable, and be more spontaneous. Rising oestrogen gives us more energy & makes us more likely to say YES to social plans, it makes our skin clearer, it even makes our voices sound ‘more attractive’. Studies show that men rate women most attractive when they’re ovulating and even prefer the smell of their sweat.

But this isn’t just about how men (or partners) perceive us. How we FEEL is way more important. Often I like to put music on & dance in the mirror, wear clothing I feel sexy in, do selfieshoots, & walk around town like I own it. I’m more likely to have high libido, but I am also more likely to argue with my partner (hello testosterone spike just before ovulation). I am feisty. Some people feel their worst during ovulation, either due to being physically sensitive to high hormone levels, or due to having menstrual shadows that show up around ovulation (mental health issues can be linked to the cycle). I’ll talk about this more another time.

This month I’m also feeling more fatigued than I normally do at this point in my cycle. August was filled with birthdays & celebrations, & I definitely could have rested more but chose not to. I’m paying for it now. So this September I’m taking it easy physically (it’s becoming my busiest month for work in the last 2 years!), and I’m anticipating PMS symptoms later on due to drinking more alcohol & eating rich foods at all the various celebrations. To try to combat PMS as much as possible after ovulation, I’ll be trying to lower inflammation in my body by taking a turmeric supplement, helping my body produce optimum progesterone by taking Starflower Oil, and helping my body detox excess oestrogen metabolites (which can hang around causing PMS symptoms such as sore boobs) by taking concentrated Broccoli sprouts. I’m also going to avoid alcohol, sugar, caffeine and processed foods where possible as these are inflammatory, and again, besties for PMS.

What is your inner summer/ovulation like for you? ☀️

Taken from my Instagram feed, originally posted 07.09.21


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