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Ever heard the phrase - if you say it enough times you'll believe it? Ever looked in the mirror and repeated an affirmation, or meditated whilst repeating a mantra? Perhaps it you felt silly, or you didn't feel like it was 'working'? They're all techniques people use to bring about mindset change, which can then positively affect behaviour and self-belief. But perhaps it wasn't the right technique for you. Do you get emotional when listening to certain songs or music? Or perhaps when reading a particularly moving poem/bit of writing? Can they make you feel inspired, roused, calm relieved? Perhaps my chants will be more your thing - they're short songs which can be sung anytime, under your breath, in your head, or out loud, to help change your mindset or emotional landscape. 

Wisdom Map

There are so many natural cycles - the cycle of life, the menstrual cycle, the lunar cycle, the yearly cycle, and more - It's not often that we get to see ourselves placed on a map of them all. This workshop allows attendees to truly ground and come home to where they are RIGHT NOW, and to reflect on where they've come from, and where they're headed. 


Phases Of You - Exploring The Seasons through voice and movement

Come and learn about the four distinct phases of the menstrual cycle and the moon* through the archetypal characterisations of Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. 

Explore your own experience of your menstrual cycle, or the moon’s cycle, via visualisations, vocalisations, movement. 

We will finish by learning and sing a seasonal-themed song-in-the-round to experience the uplifting beauty of group singing in harmony.


  • Those who do not experience a menstrual cycle will learn how to connect to the moon’s cycle, which also relates to the seasonal archetypes. 


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