My MCA Journey
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Zoe Brownrigg

Like many girls, I was prescribed the birth control pill aged just 15.

At first, it was out of fear of me falling pregnant young, then as acne and low mood/anxiety developed, it became a never-ending rollercoaster of trying different birth control pills to see if they improved my symptoms.

They never did. 


I had been following some Menstrual Cycle / Cyclical Living coaches and professionals on Instagram for a year or so, thinking that was something I'd look into properly 'one day'.  I'd heard that the pill can affect people's mental and physical health, and had come off it a few times to see if it made a difference - but I never lasted very long before going back on due to fear of pregnancy. I hadn't yet found the resources to help rebalance my hormones  - so I never saw much of a difference with my mental health, acne, or digestive issues, and I didn't know that it was possible to track fertility to avoid pregnancy naturally. 
Then around the start of the first lockdown in 2020, I ran out of my birth control pill, and realised too late that I had been taken off my GPs register as I had recently moved house, so couldn't get my usual prescription. 

I longed for the connection with my body and menstrual cycle, that the MCA coaches and other Menstrual Cycle professionals seemed to have with theirs. Because I was on the progestin-only pill (AKA the Mini Pill), by the age of 27 I had only had a double handful of 'real' periods in my life, and knew that there was a whole side to my life (and body) that had been quite literally shut down by the Pill. Plus me and my romantic partner now felt stable enough to be able to handle anything that came our way. 

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So I let the synthetic hormones leave my body for the last time, and started to learn in-depth about the Menstrual Cycle and living cyclically. As I shared what I was learning with friends and online followers, I started to realise that passing on this wisdom about our bodies and beyond, was something that I felt passionately about

I knew what I had to do this time - I bought books, online short courses and scoured the internet for help in balancing my hormones, tracking my cycle, and living cyclically. l literally cannot stop myself researching, learning and sharing - I am just so fascinated by the mind, body, energies, and the universe! So I thought about how I could pass this knowledge onto as many people as possible, and came up with the idea of mentoring women on Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA).

I led two month-long groups at the end of 2020 which was a massive learning curve and a very rewarding experience. I loved it, but I wanted to learn more and get some qualifications so I could better support my clients. So I enrolled on a  Health Coach course with CNM to learn how to effectively coach people on their journey to good health, as well as starting a 'Women's Health Practitioner Certificate' (Level 4) course, to allow me to specialise in the Menstrual Cycle. I am also excited to start a year long course  in April 2021 with published period coach, Claire Baker, who I have personally following online and learning from for years. 

I'm finally ready to step into who I feel called to be; a supportive, guiding, listening ear to those on their own journeys of self-discovery, whilst I also continue on mine.

A few of my favourite things...