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4 weeks of supported menstrual cycle charting

✰ Learn how to chart your menstrual cycle in a way that's useful to you

✰ Discover the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle & how to live in synch with them

✰ Receive daily reminders and journal prompts

✰ Join our supportive online community to learn & share tips

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I am more conscious of how my hormones can affect my mental and physical health throughout the month, which I wish I had known sooner!

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How is cycle charting helpful?

You can more easily predict and prepare for your period 

Discover how your creativity, productivity, socialising and symptoms are linked to your cycle - plan around it or just go with the flow

Answer your healthcare professional's questions about your cycle or symptoms with accuracy 

Is the basis for the 'Sympto-Thermal method', which is 98-99% effective when used to avoid pregnancy, and 81% effective for those wanting to achieve pregnancy within six months 

(Source) *I am not teaching the Sympto-thermal method but by the end of this course you will understand the basics of fertility 

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 You can take this course if you are: 
  • Not on hormonal birth control (HBC), or have planned to stop before the start of the course (HBC stops/influences your natural cycle).
  • Menstruating - whether it is regular or not
  • Menopausal, trans, or anyone who doesn't menstruate for any reason - you can follow the 28 day cycle of the moon
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Zoe is a great listener, full of information, nothing was ever too embarrassing to ask and I am really happy with all the advice I have gained. 

Thank you!



- Mentee, Oct 2020 

Hi, I'm Zoë

a Menstrual Cycle and Cyclical Living Coach


I'm currently studying for a Women's Health Practitioner Certificate, as well as becoming a certified Health Coach with CNM, and in April 2021 will start a course with the published Period Coach, Claire Baker. 

I teach Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA) - how to chart a menstrual cycle, how to recognise the different phases of the menstrual cycle and pinpoint where you are in yours,  and how to decipher any symptoms or signs which may indicate something needs to be healed. 


Living cyclically is possible for everyone. It means to live with awareness of and in harmony with various cycles - the menstrual cycle, our sleep/wake cycle, the lunar cycle, and the yearly cycle of seasons. This is this the most natural and healing way to live; we are less likely to 'burn out' emotionally or get physically ill when we know, respect and protect our cycles and boundaries - and that of the Earths whilst we're at it.

You don't have to be menstruating to live cyclically - those before their first period (Menarche), during peri-menopause, after menopause, anyone with an irregular cycle, or those who don't menstruate will benefit by following the moon's 28 cycle and living in flow with the seasons of the year. 



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