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Inner Summer In Yearly Winter

It can feel disconcerting when your inner menstrual season (Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter) is at odds with the yearly season you’re currently experiencing.

I’m moving into my inner summer, yet it’s still the cold and mostly grey English Winter outside.

I want to wear loose salt-kissed dresses down to the beach and fling it off before skinny dipping in the warm ocean, but the reality couldn’t be further from that desire.

So instead we must find moments of summer where we can - in a sunny bunch of flowers, in turning the heating up and dancing to latin pop in that summer dress, in letting the golden morning and evening light bathe our faces when it’s there.

Whatever reminds you of Summer that can be done at any time of year!

☀️ 🌊 💐 💃🏻

Taken from my Instagram, originally posted 01.21.22


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