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Types of Mushrooms
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Tips on optimising your Menstrual Cycle, natural hormone balancing and cyclical living tips, upcoming events, products, news etc.

On a Video Call

Learn about the menstrual cycle, how to naturally balance hormones, live in flow with your inner seasons, & what chemicals may be disrupting your hormones, in a weekly group  or 1:1 video call. 

Sorting Medicine
Hormonal birth control

If you are thinking about coming off hormonal birth control I'd recommend looking at these resources first, as your body will experience very sudden changes & needs support. If you're on the pill and wondering if you can still optimise your cycle, you can to a certain extent. Click the link to find out more. 

Holding Books

Books, articles, aps, podcasts, videos and courses that may help you with your menstrual cycle & cyclical living education.

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