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Welcome, cyclical being


occurring in cycles - the deeply encoded cycles and rhythms within each being and the universe.

From the Ancient Greek κύκλος (kuklos), meaning 'circle' or 'wheel'.

Hi I'm Zoë, I'd like to invite you to take a deep breath (breathing is an ultradian rhythm).


You awoke today thanks to your circadium rhythm (and perhaps a little help from your alarm clock).

Unless you were born thanks to the modern miracle of IVF, you were created thanks to the miracle of the menstrual cycle (an infradian rhythm).

We exist, thrive, and eventually return to the Earth due to these deeply encoded cycles and rhythms, in our bodies, in nature, and the wider universe.    

If we miss a beat - due to lifestyle, diet, stress, burnout or illness,

our body can slip out of its natural rhythm. You'd be surprised at how quickly it can start affecting our menstrual cycle.

This cycle is so important for the function of our bodies, that is is now often called the fifth vital sign alongside body temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure. 

Or sometimes everything's ticking along nicely, but you don't feel connected to your body or cycles - you're running on autopilot and it feels like there should be a deeper meaning to your life.

You're tired of working against your body instead of with it, tired of being expected to show up the same everyday when you feel different week to week.


This is your sign to learn Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA), and come back to yourself. Take another deep breath, release the tension in your shoulders, and relax. You're home.

"As soon as I saw this course advertised I was like, YES finally.. this is what I've been looking for! We as people should have this in our education system, so these lessons that Zoe teaches us are incredibly invaluable. Her kindness and honesty create a wonderful safe learning space. I'm so excited to continue the journey of my own cycle and Zoe's course is the perfect stepping stones for it. ❤" 


Sol - Oct 2020 Mentee


Exploring the ever-changing landscape of your menstruality is a life-changing experience, and luckily, one that never truly ends, though the surroundings become more familiar with time. 1:1 coaching allows you to explore at your own pace:​

🌘 Get to know your cycle through cycle charting, and in doing so, deepen your connection to yourself, which may

🌗 Improve your health and wellbeing

🌖 Meet the menstrual cycle archetypes, to better understand the four phases of the cycle

🌕 Learn how to live with awareness of how your cycle influences your energy, libido, creativity and more

1:1 Mentoring

"I have suffered with debilitating period pain and pms symptoms for years. I joined Zoe's mentoring unsure of what it was going to cover but just open to listening to anything that may help. It was beyond informative and I cannot believe as a women I was not aware of so many things my body was doing and how to control it. The chats were casual and friendly and Zoe is very warm, approachable and a pro at what she does. I have recommended the info gained to all the women in my life and I can already feel huge improvements in my own cycle and feel so much more in control and educated on the subject. I would highly recommend joining, Zoe is a great listener, full of information, nothing was ever too embarrassing to ask and I am really happy with all the advice I have gained. 

Thank you!"

~ November 2020 Mentee


Community is something many of us are lacking, even if we don't quite realise what's missing at the time. Often after connecting with a community over shared interests and experiences, we feel heard and understood on a deep soul-level, which can be incredibly fulfilling and healing.  

In group coaching, we meet in community for periodic calls to help chart our cycles, meet the archetypes to help us better understand the four phases of the menstrual cycle, live with awareness of how our cycles influence our energy, libido, creativity and more, practise listening, empathy, and maybe even expand our friendship circle or form a support network. 



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