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I'm Zoë

Like many girls, I was prescribed the birth control pill aged just 15.

I had no idea that for the next 13 years I would be experiencing symptoms linked to hormonal birth control (HBC). 

And I also had no idea that I was missing out on a beautiful and sacred connection to my body and nature - the menstrual cycle. 

Since ditching Hormonal Birth Control (HBC), I've:

* Started rebalancing my hormones and easing my PMS symptoms


* Begun the process of healing my gut and rebalancing my microbiome after long-term HBC and antibiotic use


*I'm training to become a certified Menstrual Cycle Health Coach


*I've hosted 2 month-long group coaching programs. 

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"As soon as I saw this course advertised I was like, YES finally.. this is what I've been looking for! We as people should have this in our education system, so these lessons that Zoe teaches us are incredibly invaluable. Her kindness and honesty create a wonderful safe learning space. I'm so excited to continue the journey of my own cycle and Zoe's course is the perfect stepping stones for it. ❤ 


~Sol (Oct 2020 Mentee)


1:1 Menstrual Cycle Coaching

Groups not really your thing? Want to delve in deeper into your cycle?

Let's have a weekly mentor call just you and me, to help you chart and discover the power of your menstrual cycle, as well as learning what those in the group calls do:


  • Learn how to live cyclically - in tune with your inner seasons

  • how to naturally balance your hormones to optimise your cycle and work with, not against, your body's natural rhythm. 

  • how to predict your needs and plan your personal and work life according to each of your inner seasons' superpowers. 

Group Mentoring

I have suffered with debilitating period

I have suffered with debilitating period pain and pms symptoms for years. I joined Zoe's mentoring unsure of what it was going to cover but just open to listening to anything that may help. It was beyond informative and I cannot believe as a women I was not aware of so many things my body was doing and how to control it. The chats were casual and friendly and Zoe is very warm, approachable and a pro at what she does. I have recommended the info gained to all the women in my life and I can already feel huge improvements in my own cycle and feel so much more in control and educated on the subject. I would highly recommend joining, Zoe is a great listener, full of information, nothing was ever too embarrassing to ask and I am really happy with all the advice I have gained. 

Thank you!

~ November 2020 Mentee




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